Food Recipes

Food at the 2014 Festival


Jiaozi dumplings (China)

Beef, chicken or pork dumplings with sake, sesame oil, onion, bamboo shoots & garlic


Bakwan Sayur - Vegetable Fritter (Indonesia)

Fritter made with garlic, egg, cabbage, carrot and scallions.


Slovak goulash soup (Czech rep and Slovakia)

Beef soup with peppers, tomatoes, onions and paprika


Buffalo stew (Native America)

A traditional stew made from buffalo meat, turnips and onions


Kelewele (Central African recipe)

Kind of like ripe fried plantains but spicy


Rds-Aloo ko achar (Nepal)

Potato salad made with sesame seeds, jalapenos, tumeric,lemon juice, mustard oil, chili powder and cilantro


Kottbullar med graddsas (Swedish meatballs)

Swedish style meatballs in a creamy sauce


Margooga (Bahrain)


Borek (Turkey)

Phyllo pouches filled with feta cheese & parsley


Kabsah (Oman)

Chicken Thighs and Drumsticks cooked in Tomato Sauce with Spices with Basmati Rice


Botifarra Amb Mongetes (Catalonia)

Pork Sausage cooked with White Beans and Garlic aioli


Shepards pie (Ireland)

lamb cooked with onion and carrot, topped with mashed potatoes and baked


Beef bulgogi (Korea)

korean style bbq beef


Currywurst (Germany)

bratwurst served with curry spiced ketchup


Taiwanese minced pork sauce (Taiwan)

Minced pork with soy sauce and spices


Chicken paella (Spain)

Rice dish made with chicken, and bacon


Mdardara (Lebanon)

Rice and Brown Lentil with Lebanese Spices


Jollof rice (West Africa)

Rice cooked in chicken stock w/ onion, tomato, peppers & spices


Nanaimo Bar (Canada)

3 Layered Chocolate and Vanilla Bar


Anzac Biscuit (Australia)

Australian biscuit


Basboussa (UAE)

Semolina Cake soaked with Lemon Simple Syrup


Natilla Colombiana (Colombia)

Colombian Style Pudding


Mocca Bollar (CU International)

A mocha flavored oat and coconut cookie


Galub Jamun (India)

Indian dessert


Matcha pudding (Japan)

green tea pudding


Torta farcita alla nutella (Italy)

Nutella flavored cake with a thin layer of nutella in the middle


Tembleque (Puerto rico)

Sweet milk pudding


Bananas in coconut cream (Thailand)

Bananas cooked in coconut milk, sugar and salt


Torta tres leches (Venezuela)

Simple cake soaked with 3 types of milk with meringue on top


Atol de elote (El Salvador)

A hot drink made from corn, water, sugar, salt, cornstarch and cinnamon


Saudi Champagne (Saudi Arabia)

Sparkling apple juice with sliced lemons, apples and mint


Awar galb juice (Kuwait)

pureed fruits and vanilla ice cream


Ethiopian Chai Tea (East Africa)
A drink made with Tea and Milk.


Steamed rice

Steamed white rice


Basmati rice

Cooked long grain rice.


Pita bread

Traditional flat Pita bread


Whipped cream

Whipped cream in a can

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