Food Menu

Our team is currently working on the menu to be served at IFest 2016.

Food at IFest 2015 (Countries or regions in alphabetical order)

  1. Australia – Anzac Biscuit

    Australian biscuit

  2. Austria – Kaese Spaetzle

    German style hand-made dumplings with sauteed onions and emmentaler cheese

  3. Bahrain – Margooga
  4. Brazil – Chocolate brigadeiro

    Brazilian chocolate balls rolled in sprinkles

  5. Caribbean – Pina Colada

    Frozen pinapple and coconut drink

  6. Catalonia – Botifarra Amb Mongetes

    Pork Sausage cooked with White Beans and Garlic aioli

  7. Central Africa – Kelewele

    Kind of like ripe fried plantains but spicy

  8. China – Jiaozi dumplings 

    Beef, chicken or pork dumplings with sake, sesame oil, onion, bamboo shoots & garlic

  9. CU International – Baked buffalo chicken wings

    Baked buffao chicken

  10. Czech Republic and Slovakia – Svickova 

    Braised beef from Czech and Slovakia

  11. East Africa – East African Spinach stew

    Braised Spinach with basmati rice

  12. Egypt – Hommos el Sham

    Chick pea and tomato soup/drink

  13. France – Clafoutis aux cerises

    French cherry “cake”

  14. Germany – Currywurst

    Bratwurst served with curry spiced ketchup

  15. Hawaii – Kahula Pig with Cabbage 
  16. India – Mixed vegetable bhaji

    Indian version of vegetarian sloppy Joes

  17. Indonesia – Soto ayam

    Indonesian chicken stew

  18. Italy – Spaghetti all`amatriciana

    Dish from lazio italy made with tomatoes, sheeps milk cheese and pork

  19. Japan – Okonomiyaki 

    Japanese casserole made with pork, cabbage, dashi and cheese.

  20. Korea – La Galbi

    Thinly sliced beef sirloin Korean

  21. Kuwait – Awar Galb Juice
  22. Malaysia – Nasi lemak with Rdo-Sambal Ikan Bilis

    Coconut milk steamed rice for use with sambal ikan bilis

  23. Mongolia – Potato salad

    Potato salad with pickles, bologna, peas, cucumbers and mayonnaise

  24. Nepal – Pista ko barfi

    Pistachio and cashew “brittle” made with sugar, cardamom and saffron

  25. Nordic – Haveregrynskugler

    Oatmeal, sugar cocoa and butter cookie rolled in coconut

  26. Oman – Kabsah

    Chicken Thighs and Drumsticks cooked in Tomato Sauce with Spices with Basmati Rice

  27. Palestine – Maqlooba

    Layered rice and chicken dish with vegetables

  28. Russia – Vegan Borscht

    Russian soup with Beets, Potatoes and silken tofu

  29. Saudi Arabia – Guraieba

    Sweet cookies with pistachio

  30. Spain – Gazpacho

    Cold tomato soup from Andalucia Spain

  31. Thailand – Thai Chicken with chiles and basil

    Chicken and chili stirfry with thai basil and fish sauce

  32. Turkey – Borek

    Phyllo pouches filled with feta cheese & parsley

  33. United Arab Emirates – Khalyat Nahl

    Honeycomb bread from UAE

  34. Venezuela – Torta de Tres Leches
  35. Vietnam – Vietnamese fried tofu

    Tofu cooked in tomato pepper sauce

  36. West Africa – West African Ginger beer

    Ginger and lime syrup to make non alcoholic ginger beer

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