IFest 2015 Performances Schedule


Glenn Miller Ballroom Performance Schedule

4:30-4:35 Welcome Speech
4:35-4:55 Boulder Taiko HIBIKI
4:55-5:13 Cultural Caravan
5:13-5:28 Colorado Hula Dance
5:28-5:45 Kuwait
5:45-6:00 Balkanika Folk Dance
6:00-6:15 Fashion Show
6:15-6:31 Hora Romaneasca
6:31-6:38 Dream Team Bhangra
6:38-6:53 T.N.T Taiko
6:53-7:08 Shaolin Hung Mei (Lion Dance)
7:08-7:23 Tribal Misfits
7:23-7:35 Shaolin Hung Mei (Kung Fu)
7:35-7:50 Arcinda
7:50-8:07 African Student’s Association Dance troupe
8:07-8:18 Thai Student Association
8:18-8:38 Samba Colorado
8:38-8:53 Saudi Student Association
8:53-9:08 Colorado Hula
9:08-9:18 Vietnamese Student Association
9:18-9:25 Andrea Sanchez
9:25-9:40 Grupo Folklorico de CU Boulder


UMC 235 Performances 

4:45 MEDEA
5:30 Persian Traditional Dance
6:00 Front Range Kodokan
6:30 Colorado Mestizo Dancers
7:00 Andrea Sanchez
7:30 Fashion Show
8:00 Boulder Bhangra Crew
8:30 Boom She Boom- Caribbean Student Association
9:00 Keaka O Kalani Hula School
9:30 Boulder ki Aikido

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